The LumiCube is launching on Kickstarter: 16 March 2021


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We created the LumiCube to bring the joy of tinkering with technology to as wide an audience as possible. Perhaps you remember the fun and excitement of sitting in front of an old BBC Micro? That's the kind of experience we wanted to recreate with the LumiCube: create patterns and sounds with just a few lines of code!

Simply put, the LumiCube is a kit for the Raspberry Pi covered with 192 vibrant LEDs. Users can create patterns and animations using the Python programming language, directly from their web browser. We have focussed on making the whole process as interactive and as immediate as possible. Our software works straight out of the box, so you won't get stuck installing and configuring libraries. The commands to control the LEDs are brief and intuitive. Everything you need in one place, so you can easily try out ideas and stay in your creative zone.

But wait, there's more! The LumiCube is internet connected and also includes a microphone, a speaker, a screen, buttons, and a range of sensors. With all these features at your fingertips so many creative possibilities unfold: make your animation react when you pick it up or shake it; create a Pomodoro timer which keeps track of your session; create a wakeup lamp which adapts to your schedule; or create an internet ticker to update you about important events. The LumiCube is there to support your creativity.

If you are new to programming, we believe that the LumiCube is great way start with learning Python. All the confusing setup has been removed, and from your very first line of code you are creating programs which interact with the physical world. In our experience the very best way to stay motivated when learning to code is having a simple, meaningful and and rewarding project to work towards. The LumiCube provides that motivation, better than any other kit on the market.



We are a two person startup, founded by two friends living in London: Sean Bremner and Matthew Taylor. Sean and Matt met whilst studying at Cambridge University back in 2006, and in 2019 they started Abstract Foundry to create a new line of engaging and interactive kits for the Raspberry Pi ecosystem. Although there are many excellent kits for the Raspberry Pi already on the market, we observed that too many users get stuck setting up and configuring the Pi, before even getting to the fun and creative part of their project. The mission of Abstract Foundry is to deliver project kits which allow users to focus more on creating, rather than configuring or troubleshooting.